To My Readers

I’m Louise and this is my blog 23week socks where I write about the three major aspects of my life. I’m a full time mum to Squidge and wife to the Northern One, a part time NICU nurse on one of the busiest and most advanced neonatal units in the UK and I’ve battled with mental health issues for the last ten years (but particularly during my pregnancy).


As well as writing this blog I also regularly have my posts featured by MumsNet, The Huffington Post and Babble online parenting magazine. In 2015 I was very proud to be nominated for the ‘Best Writer’ and ‘Best Blog’ categories at the MAD Awards, shortlisted for the ‘Bereavement Worker’ category at the Butterfly Awards, shortlisted for the ‘Fresh Voice’ category at the BIB Awards and to be one of the keynote speakers at BritMums Live.


If you’re reading this blog I imagine you’re here for one of two main reasons; either you’re a parent or parent to be who is battling with mental health issues or you’re a parent who has been affected by having a baby on NICU.

If either of these things is true for you then I hope this blog can offer you validation, reassurance and a safe place to share your emotions and feelings, no matter what they are. I also hope that you can use this blog as a starting point on your journey to finding the help and support that you need.

I’ve included links to lots of different blogs, websites, books and other resources about pregnancy, mental health issues, having a baby on NICU and bereavement that I’ve found useful and I hope that you find them useful too.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog for none of the above then you are still just as welcome and I hope that you find this blog to be insightful, thought provoking and better enables you to understand several very different but inherently connected worlds; neonatal intensive care, parenting and mental health issues.

Through this blog I hope to raise awareness around mental health issues, mental illness during pregnancy, life and work on NICU, congenital conditions, baby loss and bereavement.

Baby loss in particular is still a taboo subject, leaving bereaved parents feeling as though they cannot openly talk about their baby or share their memories for fear of upsetting others or making them uncomfortable. ‘Remember My Baby’ is a monthly linky hosted on this blog for bereaved parents to share memories of their children without the fear of a negative reaction. All parents are welcome; whether your baby only lived for a short time or if you suffered a stillbirth, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. The linky will go live the first Thursday of every month and will be open for two weeks for any blog posts (old or new).


If you’re experiencing any of the issues that I write or would like to share your story about then please do get in touch either by commenting on a post of by using the details in the ‘Contact Me’ sections. Equally, if you would like to leave me some feedback then I would love to hear from you.

Much Love


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