“I wanted you to know I’ve read your blog posts this evening and would like to give you a huge number of long hugs, firstly for getting through all of that and coming out the other side with a healthy child and working in the same tough job, and secondly for being so amazingly honest and open about it all”

“Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your blog. You have such an impressive balancing act to perform and you manage it so well. Your reflections are unfailingly insightful and thought-provoking”.

“Thank you for being honest about the difficulties -if I find it encouraging, I’m sure it is even more so for anyone else with a baby! I hope every woman with antenatal depression will read it.”

“With massive admiration…”

“Wonderful blog, my lovely – so honest and beautifully written”

“Thank you for blogging.”

“You’ve made me realise that people I care about (contrary to terrible keeping in touch skills you’re definitely on that list!) can need support but its easy to miss it now we’re all dispersed in this busy social-media-happy world. Perhaps the goldfish would get on with Facebook better than we humans do”.

“Just read your bad day post. I have a mild form of those feelings myself and even that is grim at times. Know that you are doing several really difficult jobs brilliantly (and if that’s too hard to believe, I find that I can sometimes convince myself that I’m ‘good enough’ and that’s good enough!). Squidge, the Northern one and the NICU are SO lucky to have you”.

” From what I’ve read so far I just wanted to give you a hug! Well done for sharing and for carrying on.”

” Your blog is amazing! I’m so proud of you and how brave you are. Incredible super nurse-wife-mum.”

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