Letters to Squidge
United Kingdom

Bio: I originally trained as an adult nurse but I got to the end of my degree to discover that I didn't want to spend the rest of my career working with big people. I managed to get a job as a neonatal nurse straight after qualifying and I've never looked back. I've worked into two of the biggest and most advanced neonatal intensive care units in the UK, nursing babies with a huge variety of medical and surgical issues. I've also worked as a transport nurse, travelling up and down the UK transferring babies to the hospital most able to give them the care they need. I went part time when Squidge (my son) was born but I wouldn't rule out going back full time when he's older. Right now I work two long days per week giving me five days off to spend with my family of three. My wonderful husband is a doctor although he wasn't a doctor and I wasn't a nurse when we met so our friends had great fun making some rather filthy jokes when we went off to uni to persue our chosen degrees. It means that there's always someone wwho understands if I've had a difficult day at work but we have to be careful we don't end up talking shop all the time. We live in our first house we ever bought with three guinea pigs and an antisocial goldfish all live in the kitchen. In rare moments of free time I enjoy blogging, horse riding, baking, tie-dying and reading. Even though I intend to continued in my career as a NICU nurse I do love writing and it's one of my dreams to be published one day. I blog about my life as a part-time NICU nurse and a full time mum to Squidge; sometimes it can be difficult to find the balance. I write about my experiences at work and at home and also about my ongoing battle with depression. You can read my blog at http://23weeksocks.com

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