23week Socks Book

I am currently in the process of finding a literary agent for my book which is based upon my experiences and career as a neonatal nurse; caring for babies at the very beginning of their lives and at the very end.

I have included the synopsis from my written proposal but if you would like any further information or would be interested in the full proposal and sample chapters with a view to publishing please contact me using the details on the ‘Contact Me’ page.

Synopsis – 

Being a neonatal nurse means that you’re privileged enough to care for babies at the very beginning of their life and also at the very end. I have been the first person to hold a tiny, premature baby before battling to save them and I have been the person who has removed the breathing tube from a baby born far too small and too sick to live.

During my career so far I have cared for babies that have been born at the very fringes of life but who have battled against overwhelming odds and survived to go home. But for every ‘tiny miracle’ there are even more babies who fight ferociously but whose parents are not able to take them home.

My aim for this book is share both the highs and the lows of life on NICU by writing about events that I’ve been a part of or witnessed first hand and that stand out for me due to the strength of emotion that I felt. Some of these events are overwhelmingly happy, like the times when we are finally able to discharge a baby home after they’ve been with us for months.

Some are desperately sad, like caring for a tiny, premature baby and his broken, grieving parents on the day that he died. Some even made us laugh out loud, like the night shift where the corridor came alive with jungle sounds and I honestly thought I’d lost my grip on reality. I also write about my experience of nearly becoming the parent of an extremely premature baby of my own when I went into early labour with my son at 26 weeks.

As it stands there are no books currently available that have been written about life and death on a neonatal unit from the perspective of a neonatal nurse.

It is a fact of life that people become sick and eventually die but society seems to view this as something that only happens to adults and the loss of babies in particular is something that shouldn’t be spoken about. This is something I hope to change through writing and blogging about my work and experiences; sharing the stories of others and keeping alive the memory of those babies who have died.

One thought on “23week Socks Book

  1. Sophie says:

    Hi Louise, I’m a final year dual-field (child and adult) student nurse, hoping to get a job in neonatal nursing when I qualify (I had one of my placements in a level 3 NICU and nowhere else compared, it is the area I have a real passion for), I stumbled upon your blog after reading your poem on the Bliss website (as I’m preparing to write my final year project on the use of kangaroo care) – I just wanted to say I think your idea for a book is brilliant and I was disappointed to see that it is not a thing as I would be buying it right now! Don’t give up! Sophie xxxx


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