‘Share the Love’ – Week Two

Welcome all to week two of ‘Share the Love’ and thank you so much for joining me.

I’m so sorry that the linky didn’t go live last week but with Squidge being in hospital and a number of other things going rather wrong in the Parry household I just wasn’t able to co-ordinate everything in time. Squidge is now on the mend, life is a bit quieter and hopefully everything will go a lot more smoothly with ‘Share the Love’ from now on.

‘Share the Love’ is a linky with a slight difference; you can link up any posts you like but they have to be written by a blogger other than yourself. The posts can be old or new and can be about any topic you fancy, so long as it’s a post that you genuinely think deserves to be shared.

The linky will open at 0600 every Thursday and will run until 2200 on Sundays so you’ve got plenty of time to link up your favourite posts.

Each week I’ll feature my three favourite posts from the previous weeks linky, mentioning both the blogger who wrote it and the blogger who linked it as well as linking up a post that I’ve read that I truly think everyone needs to read.

I really enjoyed the poem ‘The Big Baboon’ by Authors Chair and ‘Five Things I’d Love to Know by Sugar and Spliced which were both linked by Rhyming with Wine. Squidge babbles almost all the time but only occasionally uses words so most of the time I’m left wondering what it is he’s talking about so excitedly. I also enjoyed the poem ‘Because You’re All Awesome’ by Rhyming with Wine which was linked by Sugar and Spliced. My blog is less than a year old and so I remember all too well the worries (and occasional hiccup) that came with starting a brand new blog. I’ve always found the rest of the blogging community so helpful and supportive and your really do get the feeling that everyone genuinely wants you to do well.

The post that I’m linking up this week is by the brave and beautiful Leigh Kendall who writes at Headspace Perspective. Leigh’s son Hugo was born at 24 weeks after Leigh developed HELLP syndrome and Hugo needed to be delivered extremely prematurely to give them both the best chance of survival. After fighting for five weeks Hugo very sadly died in 2014 and since then Leigh has been sharing her experiences of life after the loss of a child.

Leigh campaigns to raise awareness about HELLP syndrome and baby loss and as part of this she is a key member of the online maternity experience campaign #MatExp which was born after NHS Change Day in 2015. She also raises awareness of these key issues in her raw and honest writing which frequently moves me to tears and I know I’m not alone in this.

Leigh is a wonderful person and I’m so proud to call her my friend.


The post I’m linking up is called ‘Standing on the Periphery’ 

Now it’s your turn!!

Rules –

You can link up to three posts each week but each post must be from a different blog that is not your own. Bloggers found to be linking up more than three posts or linking up their own posts will have their links deleted.

Please let the bloggers whose posts you’ve linked up know that you’ve included them in ‘Share the Love’ . While you don’t need the bloggers permission to share their post it’s polite to let them know and anyway, who wouldn’t want to know that you think their post was so good everyone should read it.

Please comment on the post linked up prior to yours as an absolute minimum. The linky is called ‘Share the Love’ because that’s exactly what we want to do so please be generous with your comments and use #SharetheLove so that everyone knows how you found the post.

Let me know that you’ve linked up by tweeting me @23weeksocks and using #SharetheLove.

Hope to see you sharing the love and linking up all sorts of interesting posts for everyone to read.

Feel free to feature the ‘Share the Love’ badge on your blog sidebar or on any of your posts that have been linked up. Do let the bloggers whose posts you’ve shared know where they can find this badge so that they can add it to their posts too.


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