Funky Giraffe Bibs – A Review

I was very pleased to be asked to review a selection of bibs from the Funky Giraffe, especially as the dribble bibs Squidge currently owns are getting rather old and the colours have started to fade. Squidge always wears dribble bibs and I love finding ones with bright colours and interesting patterns that I can co-ordinate with his different outfits.


The company was started by a parent who was tired of not being able to buy clothes that suited her baby son’s unique personality. All babies are a special, individual little person and Funky Giraffe was founded on the idea that baby clothes should reflect this. When unable to find something that she liked, the founder of Funky Giraffe set about making the items that she wanted before being deluged by friends wanting to know where she’d bought her home made clothes from. One thing led to another and Funky Giraffe was born, along with the company ethos that ‘dressing your child should be a pleasure and not a chore’.

The range of products available from Funky Giraffe include bibs, scratch mitts, socks, muslins and scoods. A scood is apparently an alternative to both a scarf and a snood and are designed with poppers fastenings so that they are safe for babies to wear. All the products come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, some of which are aimed at boys or girls but many of the designs are suitable for both. The bibs are available in standard or large sizes (for the extra dribbly) are also available in several different materials including cotton and bamboo with the website specifying that certain bibs are lighter and therefore more suitable for the summer.

As well as bibs designed for every day wear, Funky Giraffe also makes a range of bibs suitable for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and christenings. For little boys the bibs come complete with a little satin tie or bow tie and for little girls the whole bib is satin with a flower.

It is worth remembering Funky Giraffe regularly updates the products and designs available on their website, with some designs pertaining to a specific season, although the different types of bib are always available. At the time of writing this review some of the designs that I purchased are no longer available so if you do spot a design that you like I would recommend buying it straight away.

After agreeing to write this review for Funky Giraffe I was sent a voucher so that I could chose from the range of products available. Squidge is too old for scratch mitts and has plenty of socks and muslins so I chose six different dribble bibs, including one that I picked to be part of an outfit for a wedding that we were attending. A few days after placing my order I received a parcel of six dribble bibs in my chosen designs. The items arrived quickly and had been packaged so that there was no damage to the them.

When I opened the parcel I was pleased to find that the bibs looked every bit as bright and attractive as they did in the photographs on the Funky Giraffe Website. The bibs themselves were well made using high quality materials and I couldn’t fault them in any way. The designs I chose are as follows –

Orange Garden Tools (Lilac currently available)


Yellow Pterodactyls


Purple Retro Camper (Purple currently unavailable)


Khaki Dino


Purple Giraffes


Electric Blue Smart Little Tie


With the exception of the smart tie, all the bibs I ordered with bandana style. These bibs have a cotton front and a polar fleece back with two poppers for fastening. The use of two different materials means that any dribble doesn’t soak through the bib, preventing the child’s skin from becoming damp and sore. The bandana bibs are currently priced at £4.00 and the satin bibs at £7.00

The first of the bibs that Squidge tested was the Electric Blue Smart Little Tie which he wore with a little short sleeved shirt and a pair of smart trousers to complete his wedding outfit. The bib was slightly thicker and heavier than the bibs that he usually wears but the material was soft and fitted snugly round his neck, fastening securely with two poppers. The bib was a huge success with several people commenting on how cute it was and how smart Squidge looked wearing it. In the course of the day Squidge did manage to make several food-related stains on the bib but it washed well and, despite being mostly made of white material, all the stains came out easily.

Over the next couple of weeks Squidge wore the other bibs on multiple occasions, both at home and at nursery. He regularly chose which bib he wanted to wear, which led to some very interesting colour combinations but at least he was happy! The bibs all survived various food stains as well as paint, chalk, the sand pit, mud kitchen and garden (all at nursery) without any visible wear or damage.

The bibs washed well and did not need additional stain removers or require hand washing  . I washed them with all of Squidge’s clothes on a 40C eco cycle with non-biological washing powder and gentle fabric conditioner. Even after having been washed several times the colours remained bright, the material did not bobble or fade and there was no damage to the bib or the fastening.

After rigorous testing by Squidge I remain very impressed with the bibs and in their design, appearance and durability. The bibs are slightly more expensive than those available as multi-packs in supermarkets or large clothing chains but I feel that the additional cost is well worth it for a high quality, long-lasting product.

The full range of Funky Giraffe products are available online at and are currently only available through the website.

I have written this review in exchange for a free selection of products from the Funky Giraffe company. I have not been given any financial incentive by Funky Giraffe or anyone acting in their interests or on their behalf. All views mentioned in this review are my own and I reserve the right to withdraw this review from my blog at any time.

All quotes and pictures have been taken directly from the Funky Giraffe website, which is in the public domain. I do not claim any rights to or any affiliation with the Funky Giraffe products, company or website.

Louise is a full time mum, a part time neonatal nurse and award nominated blogger who has battled depression for many years but was particularly ill during her pregnancy. She lives with her husband (the Northern One) their little boy (Squidge) and their three guinea pigs who live in the kitchen. 

Louise blogs at 23weeksocks ( about lots of different (and seemingly unconnected) topics that she’s passionate about, including mental health, antenatal depression, neonatal care and baby loss. She’s also involved in #MatExp (; an online maternity experience campaign that was formed to help improve maternity services in the UK. As part of this she hosts the #MatExpHour Twitter chat every Friday and would love to see you there.

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