Little Grippers Socks – A Review

I was very pleased to be asked to review a selection of socks from the Little Grippers company. Squidge is forever pulling off his socks and leaving them lying around but the ‘Stay On Technology’ unique to Little Grippers socks should hopefully mean that lost socks are a thing of the past.


The company was started by two parents who were fed up with their five children wearing socks that constantly fell down and were lost due to being pulled off and dropped while they were out and about. The Little Grippers tagline is that ‘socks should always stay put’, something which I imagine many parents agree with.

The ‘Stay On Technology’ means that the cuffs of all Little Grippers socks are coated with a “natural, adhesive silicon” which “gently adheres to the skin leaving no residue, acting as a second skin.” The product also claims to be “hypoallergenic, 100% natural and dermatologist approved providing no skin sensitisation or irritation.”

The socks come in a range of colours, designs and materials and are available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-24 months. The prices for the baby and toddler socks range from £2.50 for a pair of plain baby socks to £4.00 for a pair of extra snuggly toddler socks made from towelling. Little Grippers also make socks suitable for sports or to go with school uniforms.

I received a parcel containing two pairs of Little Grippers socks a few days after I agreed to review their product. The items arrived quickly and had been packaged so that there was no damage to the items.

The first thing that struck me about the socks was how bright, colourful and atttractive they were. The two pairs I received were the 12-24 month size (Squidge is 14 months) in ‘Bright Blue Stripes’ and ‘Khaki Jungle’ which are a vivid mix of oranges, blues and greens.

LG005D-Blue-Green-Stripe-1-400x400 LG005D-Jungle-1-400x400

As soon as Squidge chose which pair he’d like to wear first (Khaki Jungle) we started testing.

The coating of silicon along the top of the sock cuff feels soft and gentle, not remotely sticky or tacky. The socks were easy to get on and fitted well, if a little on the large size with no stray threads or loops for tiny toes to get caught in. The silicon cuff fitted snugly around the calf without being too tight or restricting the legs or feet in any way.

The first test was whether Squiggle was able to pull the socks off, which they passed with flying colours. After some intense concentration and determined tugs on Squidge’s part the socks remained firmly in place and showed no signs of slipping down or coming off. Even after several hours of crawling, cruising and a trip to the park the socks were still firmly in place and hadn’t fallen down or needed pulling up once. Over the course of a week Squidge also wore the socks to nursery several times where they survived the sand pit, mud kitchen and AstroTurf type ‘grass’ in the garden without any visible wear or damage.

When bath time came and I took the socks off there was only a very faint mark to indicate where the silicon had been in contact with Squidge’s skin. Squidge has had severe eczema in the past, requiring treatment with steroid cream but the silicon did not cause any reaction, soreness of dryness of his skin. The continued to be the case even after wearing the socks almost every day for a week.

The socks washed well and did not need to be hand washed in order to preserve the integrity of the silicon. I washed them with all of Squidge’s clothes on a 40C eco cycle with non-biological washing powder and gentle fabric conditioner. Even after having been washed several times the colours remained bright, the material did not bobble or fade and there was no damage to the silicon cuff.

After rigorous testing by Squidge I can safely say that the ‘Stay On Technology’ lives up to it’s claims and they did not fall down or come off once, in comparison to Squidge’s other socks which I frequently find discarded around the house. Although the socks may seem a little pricey in comparison to socks that don’t have ‘Stay On Technology’ I definitely think that the extra cost is worth it to not have a drawer full of odd socks. I was very pleased with the product and I will definitely be ordering Squidge’s socks from Little Grippers from now on.

The full range of Little Grippers products are available online at and in certain children’s clothing boutiques (for the complete list please see the Little Grippers website).

I have written this review in exchange for a free selection of products from the Little Grippers company. I have not been given any financial incentive by Little Grippers or anyone acting in their interests or on their behalf. All views mentioned in this review are my own and I reserve the right to withdraw this review from my blog at any time.

All quotes and pictures have been taken directly from the Little Grippers website, which is in the public domain. I do not claim any rights to or any affiliation with the Little Grippers products, company or website.

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