One Lovely Blog Award


Last week I received my first nomination for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ from BattleMum. It’s always lovely to be nominated for any sort of award, big or small so a big thank you to her. You can read BattleMum’s blog at and I really recommend that you do.

The first part of this award involves sharing seven facts about yourself so here are mine:

  1. As a teenager I ran cross-country competitively at county level. When I was sixteen I was the third fastest female runner in the under 17 women’s category and I still have the big shiny trophy to prove it.
  2. I’m really scared of open water and of things floating in deep water, like buoys. When we go on holiday I very rarely swim out into water deep enough that I can’t put my feet on the bottom. I love looking at the sea and being near it but I don’t really enjoy being in it.
  3. I have three guinea pigs (all girls) in a hutch in my kitchen. The oldest one is a rescue from the RSPCA and the other two were left at the bottom of my garden in a celebrations tin.
  4. I met the Northern One on a bus when we were both sixteen, we became an item at seventeen and we’ve been together ever since. We’ll have been married for four years this year and together for ten years.
  5. I have an AS level in Law that I took before I did my GCSEs and I managed to get a B grade over all. It was hard work but I really enjoyed it and found the subject matter really interesting.
  6. Every time we have a big celebration (new job, moving house, Squidge being born etc) we have a bottle of champagne, I save the empty bottle and put a candle in it to remind me of all the wonderful things that have happened to us as a family.
  7. Squidge is so called because my brother’s nickname for me was (and still is) Squidgey. In real life Squidge is named after my brother but I have friends who I don’t see that often (but who read the blog) who have started calling him Squidge.

The second part of this award asks for your nominations of blogs for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ to be passed on to.

I’ve nominated the blogs below because I thoroughly enjoy reading what they have to say and their writing encompasses many important topics and invokes a range of emotions. I also look forward to seeing their posts on twitter and their photographs on Instagram.

I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do.

  • Headspace Perspective
  • After the Rain
  • The Goblin Child
  • Mrs H’s Favourite Things
  • Motherhood Ideal
  • Heart Mummy
  • Pouting in Heel

There’s no obligation to accept the award but if you do please tag me so that I can read your ‘One Lovely Blog Post’ and leave a comment.

Ta v muchly!!

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