Warranty Expired (or If I’d Bought Squidge from John Lewis)

*(I wrote this a couple of evenings ago when I was the most sleep deprived I’d been in a long time and Squidge just wouldn’t settle down to sleep. There may have been gin involved, for me not him).

Dear Supplier

I am writing to you about a product that I purchased from yourselves just over a year ago. I appreciate that my one year warranty has now expired but almost as soon as the 12 months had passed my item began to develop issues.

The unit in question is a (relatively) new 2014 model (in blue) purchased directly from the manufacturer just over a year ago. The unit did arrive three weeks early but as the delivery was quick and the unit arrived with all parts intact I decided that I should be grateful that I didn’t spend the estimated delivery date (and several weeks afterwards) wondering when the unit would arrive.

The unit itself was beautiful although the outer packaging was severely damaged and was there was no way I could have returned the item in it’s original packaging, even if I had wanted to. I also appreciate that the couriers are supplied by a different company over which you have no control but I feel I should draw attention to the fact that a few of them could do their customer communication training being updated.

I was also quite disappointed to discover that the item was not supplied with an operator manual or even the most basic instruction leaflet. I don’t think I saw any instructions printed on the packaging but please correct me if I’m wrong and that I have somehow managed to set the unit up incorrectly.

I have been reliably informed that the unit needs returning to the charging dock (purcchased at additional cost) at least once during the day and for an extended period overnight, a routine which I attempted to implement early on. After several false starts I discovered that this method does indeed work and there were several months where my husband and I sufficiently well rested to be able to fully enjoy the unit during the day.

However, for the last week or so the unit has been malfunctioning repeatedly during the evening and at night although we don’t seem to be experiencing the same problem during the day. The unit seems to have developed a fault, which involves a high pitched shrieking noise emitting from the main speaker when when returned to the charging dock. Sometimes

After contacting my mother and some knowledgeable friends I was advised to apply Calpol or Dentinox gel during charging, which initially had a positive effect. However, the unit is now requiring gel application up to four times per night; an endeavor which is proving to be exhausting and expensive and does not seem to be having any long term effects.

Once the gel is applied the unit starts to emit a noise that sounds like ‘nyang nyang nyang’ before eventually charging successfully. While this is admitted rather cute and far less ear splitting than the previous shrieking noise I would prefer to be able to enjoy my evenings with my husband rather than having to carry out DIY maintenance on the unit.

Neither me nor my husband have the technical knowledge or expertise to rectify this fault in the long time. My mother is far more experienced (having had a pink’88 model and a blue’91 model) but she lives four hours away from us is not really in a position to drop in when I (in particular) think the unit has broken permanently.

I’m hoping that there might be an update we can install to rectify this fault or that you would consider extending the warranty? We have been loyal customers for many years, although it is the first time we’ve purchased such a complex item. We were considering the purchase of another unit (pink or blue) in a few years time but are now wondering if we are indeed capable of properly maintaining and upgrading the unit we already own.

I do hope we can resole this matter to the satisfaction of both parties.

Yours Sincerely


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7 thoughts on “Warranty Expired (or If I’d Bought Squidge from John Lewis)

  1. Claire Claringbold says:

    Brilliant loved it, reminds me of my ’08 blue model very difficult and lots of loud noises were heard throughout the day and the night. Hoping the ’14 pink model will be less challenging!


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