I wasn’t going to post today…Then I read a blog.

To have someone I’ve never spoken to before, never mind met reach out to me in my time of need…there just aren’t words.

Thank you so much Coralee

PS Can I have hot chocolate with cream instead?

Musefully Mendaciloquent

imageI was recently inspired by a fellow blogger who created a post entitled If we were having coffee.  It was so heart-felt that I thought, I really should do that.

I should write a sincere letter, from my heart, say things that I may have not said or would like to say to someone. I thought about Opinionated Man who once asked the question, would you censor your words?

I got thinking about who I would send it to and surprisingly the list was very long,  I couldn’t decide.  So I set it on the back burner of my mind, to simmer.

Then tonight, I read a blog.

It has been nearly two weeks.  I have made my decision.  Censor free.

Dear 23weeksocks

You do not know me, I am but a stranger in the vast universe of the blogosphere, but I feel that I may be beginning to know…

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