Sleep Deprived – A Poem

Oh, I’m a sleep deprived mummy,

It’s very plain to see.

I can’t find my keys or purse

I’m really all at sea.

I just don’t understand it,

Why won’t my baby sleep?

Or if he does he’s soon awake,

It’s enough to make me weep.

I try to make things soothing,

The TV off, lights dim.

I play him soothing music

But still I cannot win.

Oh, I’m a sleep deprived mummy.

With bags under my eyes.

It might look as though I’m coping

But it’s just a cunning disguise.

I’ve tried to keep to a routine,

To settle him at night.

A bottle and a bubble bath

Before we turn out the light.

Pajamas and a story,

A cuddle and a song.

A teddy bear to snuggle with,

But still it all goes wrong.

Oh, I’m a sleep deprived mummy

And I need some caffeine, quick.

Or maybe let me sleep for a week,

That might do the trick.

The guinea pigs need cleaning

And the ironing is piling up.

But all I really want to do

Is lie down with my eyes shut.

I think I’ve lost my marbles

Or maybe it’s just the wine

But I know something for certain,

It’s way past my bedtime.


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