Squidge’s Smile – A Poem

Squidge’s smile lights up my life

In ways I though

It never could.

He shows me happinness in ways

I thought

I would never feel


He finds joy in the smallest things,

And showed me how when I thought

I had forgotten.

His grin shows off two tiny teeth

In his gummy baby smile

His giggle is infectious

And helps me while

Away the hours

With laughter of my own.

My little boy I love you

More and more each day

My heart is full to bursting

With all the words I want

To say

I can’t believe I made you

That your beauty came from me

And together we will share a life

That before

I could not see

He helps me to remember

That there’s light in every day

And that he will always be

Beside me

To chase the dark away


4 thoughts on “Squidge’s Smile – A Poem

  1. teacuptoria says:

    Wow, what a beautiful moving poem. I’m so glad I found your blog on Tots Fresh Five. Our children bring us so much joy, especially when we are at our darkest, they are there with their infectious happiness. I look forward to reading more. xx


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