Christmas Tree

I finally put our Christmas tree up on a few days before Christmas.

I decided I was being a complete Scrooge and that even though Squidge wouldn’t know if he didn’t have a tree for his first Christmas I’d know and even if it I didn’t feel it for a while I know at some point I’d feel guilty.

It was worth putting up just to see the look on his little face when he woke up from his nap, came downstairs and discovered that a tree had sprouted in the corner of the living room. He sat on his play mat and you could just see all the questions that he wanted to ask.

Why is there a tree in the living room?

Where did it come from?

Does this happen often?

Why is Mummy not remotely concerned?

Why is she making it sparkly?

Seriously, WHY is there a TREE?

He looked at it with a bewildered expression while I finished decorating. Then I turned on the lights.

His face transformed from puzzled to delighted when he saw the multi-coloured lights.

He sat mesmerised by the colours and sparkles with the most beautiful, joyful smile on his little face.

His first Christmas tree.

About half an hour later he decided that what he really wanted to do was see what the pretty, dangling decorations tasted like and so made a bee line for the tree with the aim of putting the biggest, sparkliest decoration he could find into his mouth.

I have spent most of my waking hours since extracting him from under the tree, he can move quickly these days. I’ve tried telling him that being squashed by a tree isn’t fun and that glitter really doesn’t taste good but clearly he’s decided these are mistakes he needs to make for himself.

Seriously, he’s worse than my parents dog. They can only put his present under the tree about five minutes before it’s given to him to open otherwise he’s clambering over anything and anyone that gets in his way of the yummy smell.

But even with the constant Squidge extraction from the tree and visions of a trip to A&E for ornament ingestion and the fact that I still didn’t really feel Christmassy all that was important was that he was happy.

It was then I realised that from now on this was what Christmas was all about; making happy memories for Squidge. He probably won’t remember this Christmas or even the next one but one day he’ll be able to look back and know that it was a happy time of presents and food and family together time.

That Christmas is a day that Mummy and Daddy aren’t busy with work or household stuff and that everyone is together and happy and has all day to play with him and his new toys.

I may not be excited about Christmas for myself but I’ll be excited for him and I’ll do everything to make it a wonderful time for him.

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