Christmas Presents

In my infinte mummy wisdom I decided to buy Squidge some musical intruments.


His key worker at nursery mentioned how much he enjoys playing with their instruments during singing time but rather than leaving noisy time and nursery I decided to facilitate it at home as well by buying a tambourine, a maracca and some castanettes to go in Squidge’s stocking.

Judging by the look on the Northern One’s face when Squidge ‘opened’ (chewed) his stocking presents this morning it may not have been my best idea to date.

The look I got when Squidge weaponised the maracca and used it to bash his ankle confirmed that musical instruments as presents was a bit of a mummmy fail as was my oversight in not considering it’s potential use as a weapon by a nine month old.


Apparently instruments and/or weapons are bought by relatives who you don’t see very often and therefore don’t experience the ‘music’ composed by your little angel and the resulting headache/earache/brain damage.


Unfortunately for us the maracca appears to be Squidge’s favourite present, along with the Duplo my parents bought him. According to nursery Squidge also uses Duplo as an ‘instrument’ by bashing it on the floor to make noise as opposed to building with it. This is fine in my parent’s house as they have carpet.

We have laminate floors.

I sense an increased need for paracetamol in 2015.

Happy Christmas all.

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