Ten Ways NICU is like the XFactor #TheList

I don’t really watch the X Factor although the Northern One very much enjoys the audition stages when you don’t know if people are going to be talented or deluded until they start singing.

The other night when I couldn’t get back to sleep after Squidge woke me up at stupid o’clock it occurred to me that there are some (tenuous) similarities between NICU and the XFactor.

  1. We see the a whole range of emotions – excited, devastated, relieved, distraught, joyful, disbelieving, terrified, confused and more.
  2. There’s always a Dermot O’Leary style figure around to give hugs and tissues when the news is bad.
  3. And when it’s good.
  4. Sometimes we have to call security to remove people.
  5. We seem to have theme weeks – one week we’ll have lots of babies who are really premature, a few weeks later there’ll be lots of cardiac babies and then babies with gut problems. There’s no rhyme nor reason to it but we all notice it.
  6. So much goes on behind the scenes and most people only see a tiny fraction of the work we put in.
  7. Sometimes it’s the ones you least expect that make it.
  8. We’re constantly signing things – notes, prescriptions, cards…not usually autographs.
  9. There are some days when we’ve done our best but people still tell us we’re rubbish.
  10. Sometimes we do make dreams come true.

However, there are some rather obvious differences.

  1. Our budget is nowhere near as large and we don’t get paid nearly as much.
  2. Much as we’d love a team of make up artists to make us look presentable for work the NHS won’t fund them.
  3. We’re never Christmas number one or asked to turn on the Christmas lights.
  4. The majority of us can’t sing…but we also know that we can’t.
  5. We also don’t claim to have wanted to be NICU nurses since we can remember.
  6. We’ll never have people screaming our names and queuing for hours to meet us but that doesn’t matter because we love our job and we’d never do anything else.

We’d still like those make up artists though!!


2 thoughts on “Ten Ways NICU is like the XFactor #TheList

  1. Leigh Kendall says:

    Interesting post! The range of emotions, definitely, without a doubt. Wish no 10 could have been true for Hugo.

    NICU nurses are amazing, and should never be mentioned in the same breath as the talent void that is the X Factor…xx #TheList


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