23 Week Socks (and Hat)

These are the 23 week socks that the blog was named after.


They’ve never actually been worn by a baby born at 23 weeks because their skin is to fragile but if they did wear socks, this is the size they’d be.


There’s also a 23 weeker sized hat that has been worn by a baby before single patient use hats. The button flap on the front is to secure ventilator tubing.


The nappy is the smallest size we use on the unit, on the smallest babies it comes right up under their arms.


The fabric nappy cover has actually been worn by a tiny, extremely premature baby.


I took these items to a teaching session I ran at a secondary school and passed them round the students, accompanied by a PowerPoint slide of this picture.


Which silenced an entire class of rowdy teenagers for a few seconds before they all started asking questions at once.

One lad just sat there holding the socks in his hands.

He had no idea a person could be so small.

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