Squidge went to his first Christmas party today at nursery. He met Father Christmas and tried to pull his beard, he opened his present, played pass-the-parcel and ate party food. He had a lovely time even if he did get a bit annoyed with the little boy who kept cuddling him when he was trying to crawl.

The problem arose when I got him out of the car at home and realised that half of his face was covered in hives.

I have NO idea why.

I may have freaked out a little bit.

Especially as it started to spread to the other side of his face.

I assume it was something he ate at the party. We already know that he’s sensitive to cheese and it brings him out brings him out in a rash but strangely he seems to be fine with all other forms of dairy. He’s had formula milk since he was two months old.

One phone call to the on-duty GP later and we’re now in posession of a bottle of liquid Piriton. Apparently if your child is under a year old you need a prescription as it’s not licensed for children under a year so you can’t just buy it from the pharmacy.

We’re also in possession of a very groggy baby who has hardly made a sound since we put him to bed.

This is in stark contrast to last night.

We seem to have inadvertently tranquillised Squidge.

Clearly a deep, healing sleep is what he’s in need of but this isn’t really the way I would have wanted to go about it.

It’s just as well we decided to err on the side of caution and only give him half the recommended dose. As it is I have to keep going up to check on him to make sure he’s still breathing.

My poor little boy.

My hypothesis of the rash being food related looked even more likely when I came back from the pharmacy to find a puke covered pile of clothing on the kitchen floor. Apparently Squidge had had his evening bottle and then promptly sicked it up all over himself, the Northern one and the sofa.

I swear the washing machine never stops going in this house.

It’s going to go on strike one of these days.

To be honest I’m surprised it’s not given up in disgust already with some of the things I ask it to wash; clothes covered in explodey baby poo, chunky sick, sand, paint, mud, the works. Obviously I rinse the worst of it off before I put the clothes in the washing machine otherwise it’s just icky.

I read somewhere that not rinsing sick of clothes before you wash them just leads to a washer full of very clean sick.

This is not something I need in my life.

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