Yesterday I got on a bit of a roll with the cleaning, leaving Squidge and my husband to fend for themselves.

I still have grout whitener under my nails from cleaning the bathroom.

I hate cleaning the bathroom.

One of the things I decided to tackle was the sofa, something I should probably do a wee bit more frequently due to the collection of things I found in or under it.

  1. More fluff than I’m prepared to admit to.
  2. A muslin
  3. The lid from one of Squidge’s bottles
  4. A pair of baby nail clippers
  5. A weight watchers chocolate bar
  6. A hair bobble
  7. Pieces from one of Squidge’s toys
  8. A crisp
  9. A malteaser
  10. A necklace


The sofa is one of the items in the house that gets used the most and sees the most. It was a donation from my Father-in-law after our previous sofa gave up and it’s sooo comfy. It’s that deep that when I was pregnant I frequently got stuck in it and had to either be hauled out or sit and wait until my husband came home.

It’s where we sit and snuggle up as a family

Where Squidge has his bedtime stories

Where I sit to blog

It’s where me and my husband sit and ask each other about their day

The place I spent hours trying to breast feed

Where I was when we got the call that Squidge needed to go to hospital

Where I sat and sobbed when we first found out I was pregnant

The place I sat trapped, making desperate phone calls to the GP, my counsellor, the Crisis Team, the hospital. Anyone who I thought might be able to help me.

Where I was when I went into labour at 26 weeks

Where I spent most of my pregnancy after that

The place I sit now watching my beautiful son trying to crawl.

So many different experiences in one place, so many different emotions.












I think the cushion covers might need a wash.

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