Proud to be a member of the #PNDFamily

By some miracle after everything that I’d been through before Squidge I didn’t suffer with postnatal depression. But far too many women do suffer and too many of those suffer in silence.
This post talks about the postnatal family and the support that they give.

Headspace Perspective

I am a proud member of the #PNDFamily. I’d like to tell you how the family has helped me, and what it means to me.

The PND Family is the brainchild of wonderful blogger Rosey who created #PNDHour, which takes place on Twitter every Wednesday evening between 8pm and 9pm to:

  • Provide a safe space to discuss topics surrounding pre and postnatal illness.
  • Help connect those affected by the illness, and provide support for each other.
  • Increase awareness and encourage open conversations about the illness.
  • Discuss where improvements could be made in all areas of the support provided for those affected.

PND is an abbreviation for post-natal depression. Anyone who has been affected by any kind of antenatal, perinatal or postnatal mental health is welcome to join. There are members of the PND Family who have experienced issues such as postnatal depression and puerperal psychosis, and have been cared for in…

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