Creating precious memories: baby bereavement photography

This post by Leigh Kendall reminded me of what I was trying to do for Caitlin’s family when I took the photographs of her.
I’m so pleased that Leigh has so many photographs to remember her beautiful son Hugo by and I hope the photographs I took have helped Caitlin’s family in the same way.

Headspace Perspective

Many proud new parents take for granted that they can take endless photographs of their new arrival.

When a baby dies – before or soon after birth – there is only one chance to take photographs and create precious memories for the bereaved parents.

My partner and I have hundreds of photos and videos of our son Hugo, who lived for 35 days. Hugo had been born when I was just 24 weeks’ pregnant. He spent his life on a ventilator, and in an incubator.

So many of the photos we have of Hugo show his personality – lying back with his legs dangling over his nest, throwing his arms around, playing with the wires, or comfily lying in his favourite position on his tummy. Our videos show him boogying to my singing, and opening his eyes to peek out on the world.

Precious memories, every one.

Hugo Hugo

Despite being so premature, Hugo…

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