Baby Brain

When Squidge was about two months old I sat in my breakfast.

It was not my finest moment and it was also entirely my fault. I tried to blame it on baby brain but deep down I knew that if I but my cereal on the sofa while I saw to Squidge I was bound to end up with it stuck to my bum…the cereal not the entire bowl.

Baby brain was not something I particularly experienced, I was pretty scatty before I even thought about buying a pregnancy test and but while being pregnant didn’t make it any worse it definitely didn’t improve matters. I didn’t lock myself out anymore than usual and I only found my purse in the fridge once but I kind of thought that being pregnant would make me feel more like an adult.

Feeling like an adult is something I do not suffer from. I’m in my late 20s, I’m married, I have a son, a mortgage and nursing registration, all fairly grown up things.

On the other hand I’m afraid of the dark, I have a cuddly Stitch in my bed and I phone my Dad if something goes wrong with my car. I could phone Green Flag but my Dad is not fazed by a crazy, crying pregnant lady calling from the hard shoulder and sobbing that the car is making a scary noise.


Not feeling grown up enough to be a parent was something that petrified me while I was pregnant. Most days I barely felt capable of looking after myself, never mind another person who relied on me for everything but was unable to vocalise what they actually wanted.

I still worry every day -am I setting a good example for Squidge, am I helping him develop properly, will he know that he can come to me with anything and I will move Heaven and Earth to make things right just like my Mum did for me?

Then I think of the Aptamil advert with the tag line “Trust us, you’re doing great” and I think yes I am. I am raising a well rounded, smiley, giggling little boy who loves meeting new people and will go to anyone for a cuddle. I’m not sure how this will work out when I try to teach him about stranger danger but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thank you Aptamil

We’ll just overlook that fact that I feed Squidge with a different brand.


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