Ring Ring, Hello Mummy

One of the hardest things for parents with a baby on NICU is not knowing what’s happening on the unit when they go home for the night. They know that if anything happened we would phone them straight away but it’s the little things – did they settle well, are they upset, are they missing me?

We try to make the parents feel included even when they’re not on the unit; we encourage them to phone whenever they want even if it’s the middle of the night, we take photos for them to see the next day and we all them if anything changes.

One evening the phone rings while I’m trying to settle a fractious little boy so I carry him over while I answer it. The call is from his Mum wanting to know how her son is so I update her and then tell her that I’m holding him and would she like to speak to him. I put the phone to the little boy’s ear and she talks to him and sings a lullaby, he settles in my arms listening to his Mummy’s voice.

Little boys (and girls) need their Mummies so I’d better go and see to mine.

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