I’ve always made an effort to be respectful of other cultures and religions and to know a bit about the things that are important to them. Usually this is fairly basic knowledge of the approximate dates of festivals and holy days but sometimes I discover things that are a bit more surprising.

After a particularly tiring night shift I answer a call from a Mum who wants me to wish her son Eid Mubarak and to tell him that she will be in later with a new blanket and clothes for him to celebrate the day. I find something rather lovely about relaying conversations to the babies, I wouldn’t dream of telling a parent that I will tell their baby something and then not doing it. They wouldn’t know but that isn’t the point.

The next thing the Mum wants me to tell her little boy is rather different, she has purchased a goat that she will take to be sacrificed to help him be well and able to come home. My poor night shift addled brain can’t quite process this and so I simply say

“Oh how lovely, I will definitely tell him.”

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