You Know You’re a NICU Nurse when…

  1. You’ve crawled around on the floor with an ITU patient
  2. All the dressings you use have teddies on.
  3. You can change bed linen with one hand and hold your patient with the other.
  4. You have demonstrated breast feeding with a pair of knitted boobs and a dolly.
  5. If you had a pound for every time someone said “I couldn’t do your job” you’d have been able to give up work years ago. Except you wouldn’t have.
  6. A bedtime story is a normal part of your working day.
  7. A healthy, full term baby looks enormous.
  8. You’ve never considered taping a dummy into a patient’s mouth, oooh no.
  9. You know what Zaky hands, kangaroo care,
  10. You’ve put your patient to bed in a nest.
  11. You’ve startled awake in the middle of the night convinced you can hear monitors beeping or that you need to feed the babies.
  12. You refer to oral glucose solution as ‘sweeties’ and use it as a legitimate medication.
  13. You CANNOT watch any dramatised neonatal care without screaming at the television.
  14. You’ve ventilated patients with tubes the size of a drinking straw.
  15. You enjoy making up patients beds with patterned linen and colourful quilts.
  16. Your ITU patient has a mobile and a night light in their cot.
  17. Your patients regularly have naps on you while you write notes over their head.
  18. A heart rate of 200bpm can be resolved with some shushing and nappy patting.
  19. You find yourself scrubbing your hands like a surgeon in your own bathroom.
  20. You describe nappy contents by likening them to different foods and then happily go and eat your lunch.

2 thoughts on “You Know You’re a NICU Nurse when…

  1. hannah mum's days says:

    This is such a lovely insight into your world, thank you for sharing it. I can imagine it is really difficult but thank you for highlighting the lovely things too đŸ™‚

    Thank you for linking up to #TheList xxx


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