Diet Pills

Continuing on the breast feeding topic, one of the benefits to breast feeding that most people have heard of is that it can help you to lose any baby weight.

This is true for both expressing and breast feeding but as I found it only works if you continue with a healthy diet and exercise. It does not work if you try and consume your own body weight in chocolate.

I’ve not met a Mum who didn’t want to shift any baby weight they might have gained but some women try more drastic measures than others. I cared for the extremely preemie baby of one woman who decided that in addition to expressing and restricting her calorie intake she would take diet pills to lose weight. We discovered that this was what she was doing when we realised that her EBM suddenly had the consistency of water; stripped of all its fat, calories and protective goodness.

Shortly after this the little girl died from a gut infection.

We never found a definitive cause for the infection but without the protection for her gut from her Mum’s milk she would have been more susceptible to infection, even if the stripped milk didn’t directly cause it

A high price for a smaller dress size.

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