Taxis, Toilets and Dog Blankets

On NICU you sometimes hear things that make you go “Wait…WHAT?”

Two in particular stick in my mind –

The first was preemie baby where the baby’s head delivered in the taxi on the way to the hospital. Dad panicked and decided the most sensible thing to do was to prevent baby arriving until they got to the hospital.

So he tried to push the baby back in.

The second was a preemie baby who delivered at home so needed keeping warm until the ambulance arrived. Dad grabbed the first thing to hand which turned out to be the dog’s blanket, complete with copious amounts of dog hair.

Having to use tweezers to pick dog hair off a 23 weeker is not something I’m in any hurry to repeat.

I’m seeing a pattern here.

I’ve also looked after a reasonable number of babies delivered down the toilet. It’s difficult enough being a premature baby without the added insult of being freezing cold, sopping wet, half drowned and the associated trauma of colliding with the toilet bowl.

Being smeared with Toilet Duck on the way out isn’t particularly helpful either.

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